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Why Should My Weight Effect My Personal Body Image?

I feel like too often we base our view of beauty on how in shape a person is, and I just don’t like that. Weight should not influence how beautiful a person it. I hate to say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”, but the no matter how corny it is, the sentient always rings true. Tabloids are tragic to read because of how much they distort people’s views on different topics. Why do I care so much that this celebrity has cellulite? Does it really affect me to know that that celebrity lost weight? I don’t understand and I don’t like how much those awful things warp people.




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A Daily Struggle

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Top 5 Female Focused Websites

The internet is a deep and scary place, with many dead ends and crazy turns involved. You may think a certain blog will focus on one thing, and then it will turn around and focus on another. Here are my top 5 favorite websites that are female focused! What are yours?

Jezebel logo

1.  Jezebel is a website that takes all the pointless news that is centered on women and puts a humorous spin on it. Jezebel really embodies the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy in that it is very self-aware. The site is very easy to navigate, with tabs at the top of the site that are focused on what the site generally bases its content from: sex, fashion, celebrities, relationship, and advice. Though it focuses more on finding humor in their stories, they are also aware of the demographic reading it and do have stories that focus on more serious topics. Jezebel is a fun mix of wit, scandal, and journalism.

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Media Girl

2. Media Girl is a great website that is similar to this one, in that it focuses on women in politics and culture. The site is very user-friendly, with the information being easily laid out and the stories easy to read. What’s so great about this website is that it’s very interactive- users are encouraged to join discussions, post on the site, and rate their favorite stories they’ve seen on the site. They have a great mix of text, photos, and videos that add a special “oomph” to the site.

Media Girl Twitter


3. Bitch Media is what it says: it’s a forum for vivacious women who are interested in different levels of media involvement to read all about their passion. I really like this website because while it is focused on women in the media, it focuses more on different media, and how women can get involved with it. What I love is that they are not afraid to tell it like it is and that they do it in a way that makes you laugh while also say, “This is totally spot on!” The site’s unique focus and their story coverage make it a compelling read.

Bitch Media Facebook

Feministing logo

4. Feministing: the site of my dreams. Their tag line is “Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass”. If that doesn’t speak enough for the site, then let me elaborate. Feministing is just what is says: it is a forum for young feminists to blog about topics important to them and to the Feministing community. The layout of the site is simple, which is wonderful because that helps to highlight the stories. It is very interactive like Media Girl in that it encourages its readers to actively participate in the site by rating their stories and contributing their own. Their mix of text and media is ideal, and if I could meet the creator of the site, I’m sure I would cry tears of joy.

Feministing Facebook


5. Everyday Feminism is another personal favorite. The layout is incredibly well done – it incorporates a friendly feel while also giving off a “professionally done magazine” feel. The information is easily accessible and their stories are well written. They encourage their readers to stay involved with issues they cover and they want the readers to be just as much a part of their story as the writers were while writing it. The stories they write cover a variety of topics- I can speak with honesty when I say that there’s something for everyone. Take a look and you’ll understand my love for this site.

Everyday Feminism Facebook

Do you have any blogs similar to this that you would love to share?

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For my multimedia class, we needed to learn how to use a website, Timetoast. Our assignment was to use the application to track a topic related to our blog. I thought it would be interesting to look at the news and see the different facets women were mentioned in. I was expecting it to be a lot of very superficial things, a lot of “who is dating whom” or “this person wore this designer”. I was surprised to find that there was a lot of news about women in politics. Maybe it was just a good week for women.