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I Don’t Want To Be A Sex Object and Neither Should You

So if you haven’t heard of Ted Talks, then I demand you drop everything you’re doing and watch some of them. What are Ted Talks? They’re conferences held around the globe that feature speakers that touch on different topics, from technology to women’s rights to everyday inspiration. You will feel empowered and inspired and enlightened and awed and all these other great things immediately after you watch one or all of them.

I quite recently watched one of these Ted Talks from advocate Caroline Heldman called The Sexy Lie, in which she discusses why being a sex object is not empowering and how our culture has its phasers set to objectification. I won’t go into it too much further because I want you all to watch it for yourselves and go into it with a clean mindset. I’ll just leave you with a quote as some food for thought: “We compete with other women for our own self esteem because we see it as this finite resource.”


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