People who partake in the healthy lifestyle really grind my gears. It isn’t because they’re fit and healthy and loving their bodies- for that, I say good for them. I admire those who take to the healthy lifestyle, and I really wish I could easily embrace that. I like the idea of healthy living, but at the same time, I think there are people who take it to extremes, and that in itself is not healthy. The pressure society puts on physical appearance is disgusting, and a lot of times with a tiny frame comes a narrow point of view. Don’t get me wrong, keeping your body healthy and working well is incredibly important. You’ve got to keep the machine well oiled, if you get my drift. But it seems that more and more as we put a larger emphasis on outer beauty, our view of inner beauty becomes so much smaller. Keeping your body in shape is definitely important to live a long and healthy life, but when it comes down to it, you only live once and that cheesecake isn’t going to eat itself.


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I’ll Eat My Dessert First, Thank You Very Much


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