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A Young Man Makes A Film


This is a photo slideshow I made for my class about a young man who makes a film. I decided to do this topic for my photo project because this is a topic of serious interest to me and I think it should be concentrated on more. At my university, our best programs are either performance based or related to media content, and I love it. However, we don’t have any sort of women’s studies classes and our only class that is gender related is “Wealthy White Males”, a fact that in itself is alarming. The students in these programs are either going to be creating the content presented to the consumer or will be starring in these programs. They are the ones that are going to be shaping public perception of how gender is viewed in the public, so why is there no class for them to learn what the status quo is on that now?

My project was inspired by simple things that I see around me. The lead male, the director, he is inspired by the movies he loves and the bland movies he sees on television to create something he will enjoy. When he is creating his cast for the film, he decides to cast a tiny and lovely female and a tall, masculine male for his leads. This is representative of the typical casting for movies created now – it takes more work to find unattractive actors than not. This is not a new concept in the slightest, it’s just the state of the industry. Sex sells, after all. In his film, there is not a lot of content to his movie, but that did not effect the viewers; in fact, the viewers loved it, which is reflective of how movies are now. They are not often original and have very over sexualized characters to make up for a lacking plot.

Pardon me if I sound like I’m preaching from my soapbox, that was not my intent. I hope you enjoy my slideshow and I hope to hear some feedback!


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