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Utah Dad Wears Daisy Dukes. Why Is This News?

The story has been circulating the web ever since it was featured in the news: Utah dad Scott Mackintosh wore jean short shorts in order to shame his daughter into changing her clothing. I’m confused why people think this is okay.

As Mackintosh stated, their family fully believes in the concept that “modest is hottest”, and he was just trying to show his daughter how silly she looked. So of course the only way for him to communicate this to her was not to explain why they didn’t approve of her outfit, but to publicly shame her for it instead.

Though Mackintosh’s stunt didn’t have the desired effect on his daughter, he has hopes that the pictures of him will inspire women everywhere to think before they dress. As stated by Mackintosh, “Now that it has gone viral, I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth.”

I could go on and on about how infuriating that statement above is, but I’ll try to sum it us as neatly as possible. I don’t agree in the slightest with the notion that a woman’s worth correlates with how they dress. If I want to wear a pant suit then that’s great for me. If I want to wear hot pants and fishnet stockings, who are you to say that my worth has diminished because I choose to wear an outfit that has been deemed “provocative”? No one can tell me how to dress and no one can tell me that if I wear something they don’t like that I am less of a person.

Given, my experience in the field of parenting is nil- I have no kids, no husband, my longest relationship was 9 months. But I do have experience being a teenage girl, and if I can say one thing about it, it would be that I would never go back to that again.

Being a teenager to begin with is cruel. Your body is changing, hormones are rampant, and kids are just plain mean. Your parents are the ones who are supposed to be there to support you and not humiliate you. I still can’t wrap my head around the concept of this.

I don’t know the relationship Mr. Mackintosh has with his daughter, and I’m not claiming to know how their family structure works. I just can’t believe a father would think that shaming his daughter into wearing what he deems as appropriate is the logical and most viable way to get her to change her shorts.



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